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How to check your Solar Panels.

Check your Solar PV System
Solar Radiation Meter IN-SOL PV Calculator
Check your Solar PV System efficiency

Click on the link : Online Solar PV Calculator for the IN-SOL Meters

The Solar PV Calculator assists in determining if your Solar PV System is operating efficiently. Typical reasons for your PV system not producing its designed output power are poor electrical connections, shadows from trees or other buildings, dirt build up, bird droppings, an individual cell within one of the solar PV panel fails on one or more strings, micro glass cracks, water ingress, inverter problems, weather conditions, hot spots, Potential Induced Degradation (PID),  snail trail contamination (no not actual snail trails), material defects, solar spectrum, high temperature because of poor ventilation or numerous other reasons.

As solar PV panels are mounted at different angles to the sun and the sun’s angle on the solar panel changes throughout the day the power output also changes.

The IN-SOL Solar PV Meters help users understand how the sun produces power and what your Solar PV System should be producing if there were no faults. It can also be used to help select the correct location of a solar PV system.

The IN-SOL Solar PV meters have been designed to offer a similar solar response to a flat Solar PV Panel unlike other Solar Radiation Meters/ Pyranometers etc.

The first field on the IN-SOL solar PV meter calculator can be recorded from a ground position (if your PV system is on a roof) at the same angle that your PV system is angled to the sun . The next important field is the glass size of the Solar PV Panel (not the physical size of the panel). The other values can be fine tuned or use the default values indicated in each field.

Special points of interest:
• More accurate calculated results are achieved if the sun is high in the sky .
• A PV data sheet will have all the data required when calculating losses including efficiency losses at low irradiance .