Pyranometer-Outdoor / Solar Irradiance Meter / Solar Radiation Meter / Solarimètre / SHGC Solar PV Meter


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A quality and affordable instrument to measure the power from the sun accurately :
Made from PTFE/TEFLON and offers outstanding solar spectral sensitivity versus standard acrylic pyranometer sensors.
All white housing to reflect solar heat and provides greater temperature stability versus metal body or black plastic body housings.
Low temperature thermal conductivity base to minimise heat gains that can affect readings.
Flat PTFE Surface to offer similar response to Solar PV Panels.
Self Powered with an output that aligns with the insolation levels -example output of pyranometer 550mv = 550W/m2 Irradiance.

No need for power supplies or instrument amplifiers.

ISO 9060:2018 Class C Sub-category “Fast response”

Self-powered, no batteries required, requires no amplification and is designed to emulate a PV panel.