Pyranometer-IN-SOL Handheld Unit.


Select a location to install a new PV system .​
PV system performance monitoring.
Commission a new PV system
Check if your existing PV system is working efficiently.
Add solar radiation measurements to your weather station.
Add a solar radiation sensor to your smart city IOT.
Add solar radiation measurements to your raspberry pi.
Add solar radiation measurements to your Arduino.
Estimate the amount of solar heat that your windows let through (g-value) otherwise called transmittance or SHGC, and then specify new glass.
Measure the solar heat entering your building through the glazing and provide instant control to the temperature.
Activate hot water heating when the PV output increases.
Carry out school projects on solar power. ​
Measuring red light therapy/ photobiomodulation devices.
Calibrated using the EKO ML-01 Silicon Pyranometer

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A quality and affordable instrument to measure the power from the sun accurately  :

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 55 × 40 × 25 cm