IN-SOL Handheld Solar Irradiance Meter / Pyranometer with Meter.


IN-SOL Handheld solar irradiance meter.

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IN-SOL A 4 in 1 Pyranometer

  • Measure the input power to your PV System.
  • Measure glazing SHGC / g factor.
  • Measure solar energy entering your home/building in Watts (w/m2).
  • Measure output power of red light therapy /photobiomodulation devices.

The IN-SOL is a quality and affordable pyranometer.

Made from PTFE/TEFLON and offers outstanding solar spectral sensitivity versus standard acrylic pyranometer sensors.
Portable-Just press the button and the solar irradiance is displayed on the meter in w/m2.
Flat PTFE Surface offers a similar response to Solar PV Panels.
ISO 9060:2018 Class C Sub-category “Fast response”

A quality and affordable pyranometer instrument to measure irradiance accurately when you want to :

Carry out school projects on solar power.​​
Check if your existing PV system is working efficiently.
Carry out Plane Of Array (POA) Irradiance measurement.
Add PV system performance monitoring.
Select a location to install a new PV system.
Commission a new PV system and measure solar energy in test applications.

Estimate the amount of solar heat your glazing lets through (g-value) otherwise called transmittance or SHGC, and then specify new glass to reduce your building from overheating.
Carry out school projects on solar power. ​

Designed to emulate a PV panel when used in POA.

It provides a linear output value on the display in milli-volts that corresponds directly to W/m2 for example an output of 300mv is equal to 300W/m2.

Designed for handheld use.


Spectral range: 300~1200nm
Measuring range: 0~1600W
Power Supply: 9 Volt Supplied
Calibrated with the EKO ML-01 Silicon Pyranometer or similar.
Response time <1ms
Spectral error +/- 5%
Calibration method-Natural Daylight Lighting
Sensor Type – Mono-Si reference cell
Sensitivity 1mv/W/m2

Note: the terms solarimeter, irradiation sensor, irradiance sensor, Irradiance meter, pyranometer are interchangeable

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