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Affordable Solar Irradiance meters, Solar Radiation meters, pyranometers. Add solar radiation measurements to your Raspberry Pi, Arduino, weather station, IOT platform, school projects, measuring SHGC and the solar heat entering buildings etc.
IN-SOL-Solar Radiation Meters Check that your solar PV system is working correctly and efficiently.
Set up a Solar PV installation. Measure solar irradiance. Measure the amount of solar heat entering your building through glazing.

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Battery Change
Instructions-Changing an IN-SOL Battery
Unscrew the IN-SOL Solar Meter battery lid by turning twice onl.Turn the screw twiceSlide out...
Check your Solar PV System
How to check your Solar Panels.
The Solar PV Calculator assists in determining if your Solar PV System is operating efficiently. Typical...
Measuring SHGC
Measuring SHGC of Glazing
Measuring SHGC through glazing with the IN-SOL PV Power Meter.
Pyranometer Spectrum Comparison of other commercial units.
What is Air Mass.
All Solar Panels are tested to a particular Standard which allows one to compare their performance. There...